Backup-TeamsConfig - MS Teams Configuration Backup Script

Disclaimer: This script is provided ‘as-is’ without any warranty or support. Use of this script is at your own risk and I accept no responsibility for any damage caused.


Backup-TeamsConfig is a PowerShell script allowing you to backup various parts of Microsoft Teams configuration and package it up in to a single file for safe keeping - this includes policies, configurations and voice applications (inc. audio files).

Why? - Doesn’t Microsoft already keep copies of this?

I’m sure they do. However it doesn’t hurt to have a copy should the unthinkable happen!

Another reason for backing up is it is a way of having a “snapshot” of the configuration at a point in time. With this you can look back and compare it to the existing configuration (this script will do this for you if required). If undocumented changes have taken place (it could be hard to spot without a back up to look back on).

How do I use it?

The script and full instructions can be found over at GitHub