Teams Direct Routing and a CCE

Just a quick one here. I was busy setting up some Voice Routes and Online Voice Routing Policies for Direct Routing but it wasn’t behaving as I expected. I had purposely locked down my account I was using to only allow UK calls. But when making a call to Microsoft US, it worked. Odd! I double checked the routing I had in place and it was correct. Strange… I then made sure I didn’t have a Calling Plan assigned (as that will be used as a last resort)… I didn’t.

Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) 503 Proxy Invite Failed

Had a very strange one the other day. A customer reporting not be able to receive some calls via a CCE. I do love good a CCE fault. As this was connected to an AudioCodes SBC, the first thing I did was open up Syslog Viewer and fire some calls in. Straight away I could see the calls were being rejected by mediation - “SIP/2.0 503 Proxy INVITE failed Error: Unable to establish a connection”.

Monitoring Skype for Business Server (and CCE) in Azure OMS and Power BI

Introduction As of CCE 2.1.0 there was mention of support for Azure Operations Management Suite (OMS). Being that the CCE is generally left alone once installed, this piqued my interest. Whilst on the whole CCE has been OK to leave to it’s devices, it would be nice to know exactly what it’s doing sometimes. Using OMS we are able to get an insight in to running CCE (and SfB server) installed in multiple configurations and locations in a single place - for someone who manages exactly that, awesome!

Replacing the Edge Certificate on a CCE

Just a quick one here, at some point you may need to replace your CCE Edge certificate. It’s a pretty straight forward process, but thought I would document it. Ensure that the CCE is currently running OK before you start:` Get-CCApplianceStatus If the certificate has already expired it might throw some errors with stopped services, which we will fix! As Greig Sheridan mentioned in his blog post on a similar subject matter, ensure your CCE has .

Considerations when migrating from On-Premise SfB to a CCE

Introduction I thought I would note down some considerations when looking to migrate from an on-premise deployment of Skype for Business (SfB) to a Cloud Connector Edition (CCE). At one point there was mention that CCE and hybrid could co-exist (which would make this path much easier), but with MS Teams looking to become the primary tool in Office 365, this hasn’t come to fruition. Even if you aren’t in a hybrid configuration but you sync your on-premise AD to Azure AD, you will still have the same considerations to make.

Unable to Transfer or Conference PSTN Calls with Cloud Connector Edition (CCE)

This is a real strange one. I recently had a customer who could not transfer or conference PSTN calls using a CCE (they were able to before). This was from a mixture of Skype for Business clients, Polycom VVX handsets and Polycom CX3000 conference phones. When attempting a transfer on the Skype for Business client I got “Cannot complete the transfer”, when attempting an escalation to a conference I got “An error occurred”.

Logging with Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition (CCE)

Introduction Although Microsoft’s Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) is pitched as a ‘black box’ where you just need to follow the instructions to set it up and all is well, this is not always the case. If you do have issues (as I have had on a few occasions), you will probably want to capture some logs to investigate. Whilst not exactly the same, it’s not too dissimilar to the CLS Logging on Skype for Business Server.