Skype Room System

Skype Room System and multiple domains

Introduction In all my deployments of SRS up until now, I’ve used are using the same SIP domain and UPN or they’ve 100% Office 365, so not come across this before. In my scenario I had: Internal AD domain - Used for the user’s UPN - in this scenario 100% on-premises so no Azure AD - they saw no need to change users UPN to match SIP domain. External domain domain.

Monitoring Skype Room System v2 with Azure OMS and Power BI

Introduction Following on from my blog post about monitoring SfB and CCE in Azure OMS and Power BI, then recently deploying a Skype Room System (SRS) for the first time, I came across monitoring SRS devices via Azure OMS. This seems a good idea, much like it did for CCEs, as these are unmanaged devices spread across the network where you might not always have someone on hand to keep an eye on them.

Deploying a (Polycom MSR) Skype Room System v2 in Office 365

Introduction Skype Room System (SRS) v2 has been around a little while now, but until recently I’ve come in to contact with one. SRS can be deployed in the following ways: 100% On-Premises - The Exchange and Skype for Business user will both be hosted premises installations. More info 100% Online - The Exchange and Skype for Business user will both be hosted in Office 365. More info Hybrid - This can break down two ways: