Review: AudioCodes 450HD


Whilst attending Evolve in Birmingham this year (which I highly recommend), I went to the AudioCodes booth and got on to the subject of their handsets. I’ve mainly used LPE or Polycom VVX so was intrigued by their offerings and they kindly offered to lend me a handset to test and review.

Today, I have an AudioCodes 450HD with expansion module (allows for an extra 22 one-touch keys). It is certified Skype for Business Online and On-Premises (in addition to ‘standard’ SIP). It is marketed as a high-end device - does it live up to it? Here is my quick review of the handset.


The device is quite sturdy and has some heft to it - with the added expansion model, it does take up quite a bit of the desk.

The screen is 5" colour touchscreen. It looks to be a higher resolution (800x400px) compared to other handsets I’ve used in the past and is responsive to the touch.

The only knock I would have with the build of the device is the keys can feel a bit ‘mushy’ when pressed, so you aren’t always convinced your button press has registered and end up pressing twice.


Audio quality is great. It helps that the device supports higher quality codecs such as SILK.

Handset and USB headsets work well. Speaker phone sounds passable my end, but I personally don’t like putting the far end on speaker!


The device can sign in to Skype for Business Online using User/Password, Web Sign-In or Common Area Phone. For Skype for Business On-Premises, it supports User/Password and Extension/PIN (can be used as a Common Area phone).

There is also support for MS Teams, but this doesn’t include the native application (that will be the C450HD) as the phone essentially still signs in to SfBO, it just allows calls to be made/received even if you only use Teams.

Once signed in, the device is very simple to use, with a clearly laid out UI. Whether that is adding contacts to one-touch keys, transferring calls, parking calls or viewing the calendar. Most functions can either be completed using the touchscreen or the keys.

The majority of the device configuration can be configured on the device itself, but can also be completed by web-browsing to the device. Additionally, if you have multiple devices you can administer using AudioCodes’s own IP Phone Manager solution and push out congfiguration that way.


Overall, it’s been a great device to use, when I don’t want to use a headset. If I need to join a scheduled SfB meeting, it’s a one-touch to join, which has been great. If I want to make a quick call, it just works.

I have noticed a few minor issues too. One being the screen never goes to sleep - even on the lowest setting, it is still always on.

Another issue is I am unable to join MS Teams meetings - if I select ‘join’ on the phone, it reboots! UPDATE: AudioCodes have advised me this is a known issue that will be resolved in an upcoming release.

If you are looking to use a phone in a Skype for Business and want a high-end phone, I would certainly give this phone a look. If you are possibly looking to move to MS Teams, you may better waiting for Teams native devices to hit the market.

Pros Cons
+ Great colour touchscreen - The Screen does not go off after a period of inactivity
+ Easy to use - Keys don't always feel responsive
+ Good call quality