AudioCodes SBC: 483 Too Many Hops


I’ve had this issue reported to me a few times. A customer will not be able to call certain numbers from Skype for Business/Teams. When I look at the SIP trace within Syslog there is an error message from the SIP provider - SIP/2.0 483 Too Many Hops. This isn’t an AudioCodes specific issue, but this is how to resolve it for AudioCodes SBC.

AudioCodes Syslog Trace showing error from SIP provider

Essentially, this error is that there are too many “hops” (SIP peers) between yourself and the destination. Think of it like a traceroute, if you set the number of hops too low, it would fail


Fortunately, this is easily resolved by changing the amount of “hops” by changing the Max Forwards value like below.

AudioCodes SBC 7.2 onwards:

AudioCodes SBC Pre-7.2: